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Reddit vs the Corporate Elite

The Corporate elite lost billions of dollars this week to the average joe as part of the Reddit WallStreetBet operation. There are already calls to go to the all democrat house, the all democrat senate, and the democrat president for corporate welfare and bailouts. And the democrats will pass it. They will give the corporate elites whatever they want, because the corporate elite and the corporate media put these democrats in power.

The previous administration and mixed congress will seem like moderate spenders compared to what's coming. More debt with China to drive down the value of the dollar through inflation, more federal reserve free for all moneylending, and more taxation and control imposed on the rest of us.

Why do people fall for this so often?

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Immigration Without Cages

There are two things America really needs right now: agricultural labor, and tradespeople. We see few citizens enter into either field, because they’re not perceived as a viable career or sufficient pay for most people. This is of course ridiculous; it is government subsidization and control of the food supply, as well as the corporate domination of the food supply chain that has lead to this situation. Likewise, free government money to universities and colleges has lead to astronomical growth in the cost of university education, and a long term effort to convince Americans that a college degree is the only way to be successful. Today we have people with doctorates, master’s, and bachelor’s degrees struggling to land jobs at Starbucks.

How does this relate to immigration? We spend a lot of effort at state and federal levels with trying to either stem or direct the flow of people from other nations into and out of the US. These efforts are often directly contradictory, often rife with...

Funny how we're all supposed to be outraged on the money we'll receive, but not that the other 1.8 TRILLION dollars in the bill will go to corporations, government, and foreign governments. All of which will be borrowed from foreign creditors in those same countries. Seriously, they're transferring wealth to the IMF and other global financial institutions again, and ya'll worried about the crumbs falling from the table.

The reason for the last 10 years of this woke bullshit is entirely this: Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party scared the ever-loving SHIT out of them in 2008-2011, so they've drummed up divisive drama with corporate media coverage and pay lip service to issues you care about, so you don't have time to think about what's really going on.

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Looks like someone on Twitter got butthurt

That image has been my background for at least 6 years. All of a sudden it's a problem? Probably some leftist upset that fascism and nazism are left wing ideologies based on the works of Marx.

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